“Make people and places better than you found them” Helen Hill 

We take inspiration from our founder Dee Robinson Evan’s mother, Helen Hill, who loved taking care of others through wholesome food and inspired hospitality.

To be a part of Robinson Hill, you need to love people, love smiles, and love food. A strong work ethic and collaboration allows teams and companies to reach their full creative potential and maximize their results. A Robinson Hill “Dream Team” member is someone who:

  • Takes initiative.
  • Seeks to make a difference.
  • Cares about people and great customer service.
  • Is solutions-focused and a creative thinker.
  • Is an inspiration to the team.
  • Exhibits dedication and loyalty.



We are Excellence. We are driven by excellence which is achieved by our commitment to results, resourcefulness and hard work.

  • We deliver Excellence by creating WOW expeRHiences for our team and customers.
  • We are resourceful & smart in how we allocate our time, resources and energy.
  • We possess positive, Yes We Can, Get-it-Done attitudes.
  • We thrive by making people and places better than we found them.


We are Leaders. We lead our teams by example, showing them how we work using best practices at all times, acting with integrity and sincerity.

  • We are leaders by example.
  • We are courageous and have high ethical standards.
  • Integrity is key: we say what we do, we do what we say.
  • We use best practices, always.


We are Respectful.We respect each other, we respect our customers, and we treat everyone we interact with as equals, with kindness, warmth, and a sincere desire to help.

  • We respect each other.
  • We respect our customers.
  • We do not put ourselves above other people, we are all valued.



We are Integrity. We hold ourselves to a high moral standard. We also hold our ourselves and colleagues accountable for meeting and even exceeding the standards of excellence and our responsibilities.

  • We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.
  • We keep our word to ourselves and honor our word to others. We are our words. Our words create our world.
  • We combine Integrity and action to create meaningful results.
  • We are known to be people of integrity We are honest. We are on time.
  • We are accountable, never blaming others for our mistakes.
  • We are always better than others expect. ?
  • We have the courage to meet the demands of reality


We are Community. We Care. We are Family, we support each other. We give back to the community in every way possible – through job opportunities, through excellent service to members of the community, and through community service. Also, whenever possible, we adopt sustainable and Eco-friendly practices.

  • We contribute to our community whenever we can we volunteer.
  • We are good neighbors and citizens.
  • We help and support each other.
  • We lift each other with support, respect and kindness.
  • We conserve and act responsibly with resources




At Robinson Hill we are always looking for team members that are engaged and entrepreneurial, analytical and innovative, detail-oriented and organized.If that describes you, please complete or download our employment application. Send your completed application to .

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