During these unprecedented times, we have heroes all around us – doctors and nurses and other healthcare workers, first responders, warehouse workers, hard-working employees of grocery stores and drug stores and delivery services. We see you, and we applaud you!

Same to you, airport workers. Many of your colleagues in airports around the country are staying home for the time being, with the number of people flying down 94% in comparison to this time last year. But airports are open. Especially in a time of crisis, airlines are needed to maintain national connectivity, as stated in the newly enacted CARES Act. So many of you are out there, working in airport front lines.

We know this is a bewildering time for you; the effect of COVID-19 is incredibly jarring in the country’s airline transportation system. The bustling, colorful crowds are gone, gates once teeming with passengers from across the world are deserted, once-vibrant restaurants are shuttered, and only skeleton crews remain to serve the few passengers that still have somewhere to go.

Nonetheless, airports are vital resources for the country and continue to provide services for those who must travel. Air transport is needed to maintain well-functioning supply chains even in small and remote communities. Food & beverage, news and gifts, and travel necessities are still needed, so those who are working, on our behalf, are at risk, but are taking precautions to keep themselves and the public stay. All airport staff have always understood their role in keeping the public safe whether playing a role in our airport security, serving a helping hand, and ensuring our stores, restaurants are welcoming and clean. To date, the cleaning and sanitizing efforts undertaken by our airport authorities, operators, and staff are unprecedented because we must play a role in fighting COVID-19. Together, we can win this fight.

To all Airport Workers,
No job is too small or unimportant. Each and every one of you play a role in keeping America safe. We appreciate you and the vital role you play in keeping our country connected and our supply chains flowing. Thank you to all who are still heading to your airport jobs to take care of travelers!
We see you, and we applaud you!